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About Me

About Me

Kimberley Sims is trained  both as a birth & postpartum doula serving families of the Lakeshore in West Michigan.  She is qualified to support you and your family during your pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period.


​As a birth and postpartum professional, Kim provides continuous physical, emotional and informational support to the birthing family before, during and after the birth.  As a mother, Kim has experienced first hand the need for support, guidance and advocacy during the childcare process. Kim’s goal is to support the birthing person and increase the family's emotional capacity to create a birth story all of their very own.  

There are many options you may choose for YOUR birth story.  A non-medicated birth,  an epidural, a home birth,  a birth center or hospital birth, planned c-section, hoping to avoid a c-section or if you have no specific plan at all, Kim can help!  Kim’s diverse training background will allow her to meet you where you are, and assist you to get where you wish to be. No matter your race, social economic status, religious preference Kim is comfortable to assist.

Kim has always possessed a desire to assist families to be as strong as they could be.  Having operated a home day-care and preschool for over 8year, she affectionately became known throughout the community as T.T. Kim.   


Kim also loves helping families plan their postpartum life(fourth trimester)  to be sure the transition is as manageable as possible for each member.  Bringing home a new baby (or babies) is a special undertaking.  Kim can assist you through the transition by keeping you focused on the moment, reminding  you of your options and ushering in practices and habits that encourage a healthy recovery.

Baby's Grasp
Newborn Baby


"She is AMAZING, I  don't know if I could have not done it without her."

Dee, Homebirth & Postpartum Client

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